What is GO Kickball?

Gril Kicking Kick ball

GO Kickball combines the relaxed sport of kickball with social networking to create a fun and active way for adults to network, meet new people, enjoy friends, and play kickball in a comfortable, non-intimidating, social atmosphere. Whether you have not played since 4th grade or are a seasoned veteran, this experience is for you. Beginners, experts and everyone in-between are more than welcome to join - our only requirement is that you are at least 21 years of age and are wanting to have a fun time!

The Kickball aspect of GO Kickball

Each team will play an 8 week season with the opportunity to qualify for the season-ending tournament that matches up the top teams from all leagues in a round-robin, single-elimination tournament championship. Each game lasts 7 innings or 1 hour and has the emotional peaks and valleys of your favorite roller-coaster. Games are carefree and light-hearted, create the occasional adrenaline rush and exhilaration from a big kick or score or close call, while the spirit of competition does creep in when the game is in the late innings of a tie ballgame! No one likes to lose, but the team camaraderie and jovial nature of the game has all players shaking hands with the token "good game" sigh. In the end, everyone leaves their worries behind -- at least for a little while -- and enjoys being active and outdoors in the park. Yes, it's fun to be a kid again! For teams atop the standings at the end, they advance to the tournament to vie for bragging rights and the coveted "GO Kickball Cup".

It's Not Just about the Kickball

GO Kickball Season Party

The GO Kickball social experience only just begins on the kickball fields while the post-game festivities further ignite the fun and laughter. Players and teams are encouraged to visit their league bar each week after their games for food and drink specials and to socialize with other teams. The league bar promotes an upbeat, non-intimidating, social atmosphere conducive to open conversations amongst teams where people can talk about "that great play" or say hello to someone new for the first time. And if the kickball games and league bar are not enough fun for you, GO Kickball sponsors league events throughout each season, including the league "Kick-off party", "Theme Week" and the season "Finale party" with many specials and complimentary bevarages to go around -- you don't want to miss those!

So whether you are a deft kickballer or have two left-feet, the most introverted of people or the most extroverted, GO Kickball is the place for you!